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Is Your Opener Acting Up?

Your garage door opener is an integral part of the system, which means it can be fairly obvious when it’s having issues. If you’ve found that your door keeps reversing suddenly while it’s trying to close, makes a lot of racket, or shakes as it’s moving, the culprit is likely the opener. Rather than allow this damage to spread and cause even more harm to the door’s system over time, just let our experts come out and get it all fixed before you know it.

Easy & Reliable Opener Installation

No matter how simple an opener is, there could still be an issue with assembly due to inexperience that causes it to not work correctly, which ultimately will make it break down faster than it should. Rather than risk that, why not let our experts do it for you instead? We’ll assemble and install it right away, and can also help you with deciding on which to get depending on what’s best for your home. Quieter, sturdier, whatever you prefer we’ll find the perfect fit. Already purchased the opener? No problem! We can still install it for you. We’re familiar with all the biggest brands, so whether it’s Chamberlain or Linear, we’ve got you covered!

Repairs & Replacements Also Available

Our professionals have been working on openers for years, which means that we’ll determine the root issue with yours in no time. We inspect the whole opener and related components like the wall panel and remote control to find the source of the problem and address it. Whether it’s a part that needs repairs, or is too damaged and needs to be replaced, we’ll handle it all. Should your opener simply be too old, or you decide it’s time for an upgrade, we can also take care of replacing the whole thing for you.

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Call Garage Door Opener Thornton today for any and all of your garage door needs and we’ll have them treated right away! Feel free to contact us for any questions or more information. Want to skip the phone call? Now you can easily schedule your appointment online as well!

More Useful Information

What are some useful garage door opener troubleshooting tips?

First, make sure that the problem is actually with the opener. Test your remote control, wall controls, etc separately to ensure it isn’t a signal transmission issue. Look at the drive system connecting the opener to the door and springs. Next, make sure the opener is plugged in and turned on, and that its settings are unchanged. If you still can’t find the issue, get professional assistance.

Which brand garage door opener is the best?

The “best” brand is the one with the models that best suit your particular tastes and the technical needs of your garage door. The highest rated models on the market right now are mostly from Chamberlain and Genie, with the latter also having the best low budget options, but if you want user friendliness in particular you may prefer LiftMaster. In short, there’s no simple answer.

How does a garage door opener work?

The most succinct way to put it would be to say that the opener pulls on a belt, chain, or screw that moves a trolley back and forth across the garage ceiling. This trolley is attached to the top panels of the door, and/or the spring system, providing the activation energy required for the springs to do the heavy lifting. The opener’s settings control how far the door rises before locking in the “open” state.

We also offer the following:

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